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the KLF / chill out / 1990

the KLF / chill out

laurie anderson / united states / 1984

estuche 5 LPs reeditados en 4 CDs

United States Live (1984), portada

United States Live (1984), CD 1 / descargar parte 1, descargar parte 2

United States Live (1984), CD 2 / descargar 
United States Live (1984), CD 3 / descargar

United States Live (1984), CD 4 / descargar

descargar de otros sitios:
cd 1 - parte 1 
cd 1 - parte 2
cd 2
cd 3
cd 4

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nurse with wound - aranos / acts of senseless beauty

volcano the bear / discografía

Volcano the Bear are an improvisational/experimental English band formed in Leicester in 1995. The group's members are Aaron Moore (drumstrumpetvocals), Nick Mott (saxophoneguitar, vocals), Clarence Manuelo (tapeselectronics) and Daniel Padden (keyboards, guitar, clarinet, vocals). Although the principal roles of each member are as listed, the group use a large array of additional sound-making objects to create their music.

Their early work was characterized by theatrical live performances and unconventional recording methods; for example The One Burned Ma, their second full-length album, contains no tracks on which all four members appear. Having self-released a handful of cassettes and CDRs, they came to the attention of Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound, who revived his United Dairiesimprint to release The Inhazer Decline, their first full-length album. However, a proposed collaboration with Nurse With Wound was not completed. They continued to release regular live CDRs on their own Volucan imprint, and later albums such as Five Hundred Boy Piano and much of The Idea Of Wood were performed live in the studio.

hiatus in group activity occurred in the early part of the 2000s with Mott and Moore reviving their pre-Volcano the Bear unit Songs Of Norway. Manuelo created an album andEP as Earthtrumpet. Padden founded The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden initially as a solo project, later expanded to a quartet, with Chris Hladowski and Aby Vulliamy (both of Nalle), and Peter Nicholson. This unit has subsequently issued its releases as "The One Ensemble", with Padden releasing an album in 2006 of his solo material under his own name. Padden has also played with the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ver además en este blog, varios CD de  Daniel Padden 

spires that in the sunset fire / this is fire / 2006

spires that in the sunset fire 

Spires That in the Sunset Rise is the musical collaboration of Kathleen Baird, Taralie Peterson, Tracy Peterson, and Georgia Vallas. Steeped in primal experimentalism and world eclecticism, the music is a repellant and magnetizing swarm of harps, guitars, cello, drums, harmonium, banjo, mbira, spike fiddle, bells, and vocals. 
Now based in Chicago, Illinois, the four musicians have been playing music in different formations for over 10 years. Through these relationships, the music has evolved into a synthesis of various influence, with an arduous search of the unexamined (albeit darker sides) of folk music.

otros discos
Spires That In The Sunset Rise - Curse The Traced Bird (2008)

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meredith monk / mercy / 2002

Meredith Monk (Performer), John Hollenbeck (Performer), Allison Easter (Performer), 
Katie Geissinger (Artist), Ching Gonzalez (Artist), Allison Sniffin (Artist)

Meredith Monk y Ann Hamilton / mercy
Two women sit quietly but deliberately across from each other at a simple wooden table: one is a renowned composer, singer, director/choreographer ¯ a Renaissance woman of the 21st Century; the other, a major sculptor and creator of breath-taking installations. From this intimate beginning, mercy, a stunning collaboration between Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton, gently unfolds -- and then evolves into a swirling nexus of sound and vision. mercy is a timely meditation on the human capacity to both extend and withhold compassion, kindness, and empathy. The two women, both past recipients of the MacArthur “Genius” Award, are blazing pioneers in their respective fields. In mercy, they have joined their unique worlds to create a haunting, new universe.

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eberhard schoener / bali agúng / 1980

"My message is the music. The goal of my life is to create an original form of contemporary music in which the opera, jazz, ethnical and electronic music melt together. I believe in emotionality."
Eberhard Schoener (born Stuttgart, 1938), official website

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the books / tres discos

The Books are an American experimental duo founded in New York City in 1999, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Nick Zammuto and cellist Paul de Jong. Their music is a mix of aleatoric, electronica, folk, and acoustic music, incorporating samples of sounds, speech and music. They have released three critically-acclaimed albums, all on the German label Tomlab. They are currently residing in North Adams, Massachusetts,  recording an upcoming studio album.
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kreng / l'autopsie phénoménale de dieu / 2009